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Particle robotics based on statistical mechanics of loosely coupled components
Coffee-based colloids for direct solar absorption
Mechanical Response of He-Implanted Amorphous SiOC/Crystalline Fe Nanolaminates
Design principles of biologically fabricated avian nests
Modelling of stress distribution and fracture in dental occlusal fissures
Direction control of quasi-stokeslet induced by thermoplasmonic heating of a water vapor microbubble
Reconfigurable Acrylic-tape Hybrid Microfluidics
Radio ranging with ultrahigh resolution using a harmonic radio-frequency identification system
Talbot-Lau x-ray phase-contrast setup for fast scanning of large samples
Descent into the unknown
Friction on water sliders
Multi-metal 4D printing with a desktop electrochemical 3D printer
Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion Induced by Non-Degenerate Three-Wave Mixing in a Scanning MEMS Micro Mirror
Impact resistance of composite magnetic metamaterials
Emergence of self-affine surfaces during adhesive wear
Vibration induced refrigeration using ferroelectric materials
First-in-human clinical study of novel technique to diagnose malignant melanoma via thermal conductivity measurements
Shape fidelity and structure of 3D printed high consistency nanocellulose
Dynamics of temperature-actuated droplets within microfluidics
Selective Atomic-Level Etching on Short S-Glass Fibres to Control Interfacial Properties for Restorative Dental Composites
Voltage-induced strain clocking of nanomagnets with perpendicular magnetic anisotropies
Voltage readout from a piezoelectric intracochlear acoustic transducer implanted in a living guinea pig
Author Correction: Hundred-fold enhancement in far-field radiative heat transfer over the blackbody limit
Cooling of a vial in a snapfreezing device without using sacrificial cryogens
Metamaterial for elastostatic cloaking under thermal gradients
A novel model for photothermal excitation of variable thermal conductivity semiconductor elastic medium subjected to mechanical ramp type with two-temperature theory and magnetic field
Color tunable pressure sensors based on polymer nanostructured membranes for optofluidic applications
Bone-inspired enhanced fracture toughness of de novo fiber reinforced composites
Enhancement of biocatalyst activity and protection against stressors using a microbial exoskeleton
Viscoelastic Separation and Concentration of Fungi from Blood for Highly Sensitive Molecular Diagnostics

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