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Tribological and mechanical investigation of multi-directional forged nickel
Computationally efficient design of directionally compliant metamaterials
Damage-tolerant architected materials inspired by crystal microstructure
Reverse-engineering the locomotion of a stem amniote
Chlorination disadvantages and alternative routes for biofouling control in reverse osmosis desalination
Reconfigurable shape-morphing dielectric elastomers using spatially varying electric fields
Mechano-chemical decomposition of organic friction modifiers with multiple reactive centres induces superlubricity of ta-C
Bifurcation-based embodied logic and autonomous actuation
Robots and the return to collaborative intelligence
Differential game theory for versatile physical human–robot interaction
A standard primary energy approach for comparing desalination processes
More than machines
Facile fabrication and mechanistic understanding of a transparent reversible superhydrophobic – superhydrophilic surface
Passive solar high-yield seawater desalination by modular and low-cost distillation
Broadband sound barriers with bianisotropic metasurfaces
Experimental realization of on-chip topological nanoelectromechanical metamaterials
Frequency-tunable toughening in a polymer-metal-ceramic stack using an interfacial molecular nanolayer
The hydrogen-induced pitting corrosion mechanism in duplex stainless steel studied by current-sensing atomic force microscopy
Bioinspired and bristled microparticles for ultrasensitive pressure and strain sensors
The mechanics of slender structures
Mechanical relays for digital circuits
Low Temperature Bonding by Infiltrating Sn3.5Ag Solder into Porous Ag Sheet for High Temperature Die Attachment in Power Device Packaging
Understanding flow dynamics, viability and metastatic potency of cervical cancer (HeLa) cells through constricted microchannel
Isothermal oxidation behavior of TribaloyTM T400 and T800
Adaptive hindlimb split-belt treadmill walking in rats by controlling basic muscle activation patterns via phase resetting
Advanced laser scanning for highly-efficient ablation and ultrafast surface structuring: experiment and model
Nucleation and growth of TiAl3 intermetallic phase in diffusion bonded Ti/Al Metal Intermetallic Laminate
Modulation of acoustomechanical instability and bifurcation behavior of soft materials
Water-repellent Hybrid Nanowire and Micro-scale Denticle Structures on Flexible Substrates of Effective Air Retention
Critical Drip Size and Blue Flame Shedding of Dripping Ignition in Fire

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